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The UNM Parent Association cordially invites ALL Lobo Parents and Alumni to get involved. The UNMPA provides a number of opportunities to its members, all of which are essential to maximizing the university experience for our Lobo Families.


As Parents, we understand how the transition to any university can be extremely different, sometimes even scary. Our UNM Parent Association is comprised of Lobo Parents just like you. Membership provides an excellent support line and opens many doors for incoming Lobo parents to ease this transition. The support line at the UNM Parent Association also extends towards families. The Association sponsors numerous events during your time here at UNM with the goal to keep families close and connected.


Nothing is more frustrating than feeling out of the loop, especially when it comes to your child. Being involved with the Parent Association ensures that you as a parent stay up to date with our university happenings. Becoming a member would give you access to our monthly Parent Association Newsletter. The UNMPA wants to ensure that parents and families have timely and accurate information about UNM by facilitating two-way communication.


Finding connections through any group, organization or school is such an important networking tool in staying active and keeping involved, especially when your student is away for college. Parents, both in-state and out-of-state, frequently ask how they can stay connected with their students and UNM from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. The UNM Parent's Association hosts and sponsors different events that allow for families to come together with their students.