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Welcome to the UNM Parent Association!

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A father and daughter

The University of New Mexico Parent Association (UNMPA) strives to create a strong parental network, connecting our university to our current and upcoming Lobo Families. UNMPA encourages parents and families to play a supportive role in higher education as this promotes initiatives that increase success and services as a forum for parent and student networking. Staying connected gives parents the information they need to stay informed of university happenings and to aid their students to success. Come join the pack and help strengthen our Lobo Community!

Are you interested in receiving more information about the UNM Parent Association? Stay Connected! We are now offering all parents and families the opportunity to register for the UNM Parent Association online, at no cost! The membership registration link will lead you to our registration portal. Just simply give us a little information and instantly become connected!

Family Weekend is Friday, November 4 - 6, 2016!

Family Weekend is an engaging and important yearly tradition! Over the course of the weekend you will have the opportunity to experience programs, discussions, performances and more with your son or daughter. Attending Family Weekend also provides a wonderful chance for you to spend quality time with your student.

Family Weekend Registration